1. Introduction

AdMob is an affiliated project of such a giant as Google, and it is, primarily, considered by developers of applications for monetization. The main positive feature of the platform is not only a name but an integration system, so-called Software Development Kit (SDK). It helps to connect to a number of other popular web-platforms. The procedure is simplified. Only two steps are required: creating a free account and installing the SDK into the application. Developers mostly earn for number of clicks (CPC), however, for some advertisements it is possible to gain from number of views (CPM).

2. AdMob Company Stats

Company’s website:
Company found in 2006.
Employee count: over 10 000 thousand people according to official site.
AdMob is represented by several official groups and accounts on social sites:
On Twitter:
On Google+:
On Youtube:
On Googleblog:

3. Information for Advertisers

AdMob’s smart format is designed to define the users that will possibly make a purchase. The SDK offers a choice from a wide variety of ad formats for gadgets, including standard banner ads, full-screen ads, interactive ads and exclusive custom search ads.
It is also possible to select the right audience for promotion of IAP.
AdMob native ads are free of charge.

4. Information for Publishers

AdMob provides an option to select best suitable format for advertising: banner ads that are shown at either the top or the bottom in the screen of the app; interstitials are shown in full page during breaks or transitions points; video advertisements.
It is also possible to place ads in AdMob house ads.
The company allows to keep an app under full control and to choose which ads will be or won’t be shown in it.


5. AdMob Account Help

Site page for sending Email:
Headquarters address: 1600, Amphitheatre parkway Mountain View, San Francisco, California, United States of America
Customer phone number: 1 866 493 9070
FAQ/Knowledge Base URL:

6. Careers

AdMob, being Google’s subsidiary, has job offers for citizens of more than 40 world countries. Experts are especially required in the sphere of Engineering and Design, Sales and Account Management, Marketing and Communications. Work conditions are according to the relevant legislation; they offer benefits package and competitive salaries.
Vacancies are usually posted on official site:

7. Editor’s review

AdMob is an American platform owned by Google (purchased by Google in 2009 from its developer Omar Hamoui), allowing to advertise a number of applications on mobile platforms, that provide about 6 billion views per month. It is one of the largest mobile network in the world. Developers of Android often use this system. AdMob has a very convenient system of campaign settings and account navigation. AdMob is very simple to manage and configure, usage of the system doesn’t require additional payments. Advertisers can choose an option to show their own ads only.

Specific feature of AdMob is a stable eCPM and pay-per-click advertising. The cost of clicks varies from country to country: for instance, in the US it is from $0,7 to 0,11, in Europe, on the average, about $ 0,03. The advertiser determines the campaign cost: it is possible to set the maximum cost of a day, the maximum bet. Use of the system is free.

AdMob also gives a possibility to integrate a full-size advertising. Clicking such ads costs more, but the chance that a user clicks on a banner is still higher.

Apart from this, AdMob has special offers for developers that are sent to their emails, these is a separate kind of full-screen banners for game and video advertising.

AdMob is a comfortable stuff for advertisers: through AdMob it is also possible to advertise applications using custom advertising banners and rather a flexible targeting. For better results it is possible to use key words and geographical targeting.

Log in to AdMob is carried out via Google Account.

Google has simplified the system of placing advertisements and insertions of the module in the application system.

The company constantly develops and they have many job offers. They have offices in more than 40 countries. The company wishes to employ professionals in many different spheres such as Engineering and Design, Sales and Account Management, Marketing and Communications. In addition, to encourage and praise great app developers among students AdMob holds a special competition.

AdMob firmly keeps its position and remains one of the best tool for developer to monetize their applications.

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