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1. Introduction to App2Top

App2Top is a Russian service that deals with promotion of games and applications for Android on Google play. It is the place where developers and advertisers are able to monetize their products via motivated installs. To start using the service one just needs to sign up for free, add their application to the system, create their order and make payment. Prior to making the order it is possible to select the needs and price. There is no obligatory monthly payment. Minimal order starts with $0.10.

2. App2Top Company Stats

Company website:
App2Top is represented by several official groups and accounts on social sites:
On Twitter:
On Vkontakte:
On Google+:

3. Information for Advertisers

Using App2Top gives the advertisers freedom of operation in the system. They can chose from wide variety of options for their application promotion: the rating the apps will receive; the products get best reviews, tracking of the analytics is available. To receive high rating it is possible to set the 5-star rating and 5-star reviews.

4. Information for Publishers (Developers)

App2Top offers rather low rates for their services. A developer can get install starting from $0.1 per one install, and the application can receive up to 10000 installs for a day. The cost of services of rating and reviews starts with $ 0.2 and $0.25 respectively. In addition, installs have retention guarantee of 3 days.


5. App2Top Account Help

App2Top official address: Lenina St. 87-11, Sljudjanka, Russia
Email: [email protected]
Skype: app2top

6.App2Top Carriers

App2Top Com welcomes experienced specialists. They are looking for professional Android developers, web developers, level designers, etc. Vacancies are usually published on their pages in social networks.

7. Editor’s App2Top Review

App2Top is company based in Russia and and is leaded by a young and ambitious team. The company provides services for promotion and monetizing apps. They also provide a high-rated traffic worldwide.

To use the service is simplified and automatized. New advertisers and developers can create an account for free. The only thing required after is downloading of an application to the system and creating an order. Payments can be made via PayPal. The company doesn’t require any mandatory monthly payments for usage of the service. Once registered and started promoting the app, developer receives a high number of organic downloads from more than 20 countries. All the installations have retention guarantee which means that each one who downloaded the application will have to keep it in their device at least 3 days. However, the service is paid. The prices are quite moderate. One can get an install for 0.10 USD. One rating costs 0.2 USD and one review – 0.25 USD. To get the higher rates, the user can set 5-star rating and 5-star reviews for their apps. Minimal order includes 1 star and 1 review. All this is at the choice of the developer/advertiser. There is also a possibility to track the events connected with the application, see the analytics.

The company shows high response rate. The website contains email and Skype addresses, official address. It is possible to reach the team of App2Top on Twitter, Google+ and Vkontakte. The information is constantly updated.

App2Top is also a growing company; they are looking to hire new specialists. To see the list of vacancies one needs to go to their pages in social networks.

App2Top can be recommended as the initial service to fix the rate and get first positive reviews for newly developed applications. The motivated installs give good rankings. And the application has good chances to get higher positions in the ranking of Google play and earn on from that.

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