1. Introduction to AppBrain

AppBrain is a web platform where it is possible to monetize, promote and discover Android applications. It specializes on advertisement and marketing. The platform was created by two former Google’s specialist. Company’s main office is situated in Switzerland, Zurich..

2. AppBrain Company Stats

Company founded in 2009.
Employee count: 1-10 as of April, 2016 according to Linkedin
Official pages and accounts on social sites and platforms:
On Facebook:
On Twitter:
On Google+:
On Linkedin:

3. Information for Advertisers

AppBrain offers an app promotion system. The system drives installs of advertiser’s app. It helps to reach more potential users and makes a beneficial influence on a business growth. Installation of the app requires payment.

4. Information for Publishers (Developers)

The AppBrain SKD allows to join more than 50 000 apps. The AppBrain company offers interstitials and banners with high eCPM that are aimed on earning more money and attracting more potential users. The ads are developed to be attractive and they usually get positive feedback from users. There’s also a tool for getting information on the process and an insight into users.

5. Account Help

Address of Company’s Head office: Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland
Office in Netherlands: Jaarbeursplein 6, 3521 AL Utrecht, The Netherlands
Company provides two contact Emails:
Feedback and comments: [email protected]
For partnerships and advertising: [email protected]
FAQ/Knowledge Base URL:


6. Careers

The Company is currently hiring programmers and managers for client’s support service for their offices situated in Zürich and Utrecht. Information due to opened vacancies is usually published on company’s profile on Linkedin.

7. Editor’s AppBrain Review

AppBrain is founded by AppTornado GmbH in Switzerland, Zürich and Netherlands. The Company was founded in 2009 with their official site being developed in 2010. Founders of AppBrain are Uwe Maurer and Mathijs Vogelzang both are experienced specialists of software engineering, mobile ad space and mobile app development. Alongside with about 35 apps Mauer and Vogelzang created AppBrain app platform and also an AppLift solution for monetization.

AppBrain is one of the leading informational tools that helps to get, monitor and analyze Android app data. AppBrain offers services for promotion and monetarization.

The company works both with advertisers and developers.

The AppBrain App Market is an app for Android that is developed for needs of advertisers and developers. Till 2016 the app was downloaded by around 5 million users. The app is highly rated. An average rate is higher than 4.5. The app helps to monitor, analyze and discover Google Play Market.

The AppBrain offers a wider reach to potential clients for advertisers. The AppBrain targeting system ensures that advertiser’s app is shown first to those users who are interested and more likely to install it. The app installation is only possible after a payment and takes only a few minutes it doesn’t require SDK or any changes for promoted app.

Developers can use AppBrain SDK and high eCPM banners that it provides. This tool for an app monetizing is developed to be attractive and entertaining for users and doesn’t harm level of customers’ satisfaction. Moreover it allows using a built-in AppBrain Analytics for monitoring users’ actions. The SKD is less than 100kb and it also was tested with several thousands of apps what was stipulated in documents available on official site. Developers can get their payouts monthly both on their PayPal account or on their bank account. There’s also an opportunity to reinvest earnings for further promotion of an app.

The Company uses several ways of communication with its customers including a social media communities and accounts on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+. It also provide contact information and detailed data on its site. There are also presented a FAQ block where users can find answers on several popular questions.

Being a small company according to number of employees (1-10) the company offers job for software programmers and client’s support managers for their offices located in Netherlands (Utrecht) and Switzerland (Zurich).

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