Appnext Mobile Monetization and How to Monetize

1. Introduction to Appnext

Appnext is a platform that helps developers to monetize and increse their app’s traffic. It is also used as a distribution platform that builds mobile businesses through promoting apps. With Appnext app’s users can discover more games by using ad units of a non-intrusive type. It operates on a 100% self-serve basis and unites more than 10,000 mobile publishers and app advertisers. It is a kind of a community of developers which helps them to communicate, collaborate, exchange opinions and even make direct deals.

2. Appnext Company Stats

Company was founded in 2012
Employee count: 51 – 200 as of April, 2016 according to Linkedin profile
Appnext has a few official groups and accounts on most popular social sites:
On Facebook:
On Twitter:
On Google+:
On Linkedin:

3. Information for Advertisers

Appnext offers promotion of apps among the top publishers of the world. Advertisers will have to pay only for those apps that were actually installed and not just clicked on. Apnext’s self-serve advertising platform provides transparency and full control over the whole advertising process. Advertisers have the freedom to manage and optimizate own pace and rates. All the changes are introduced immediately.

4. Information for Publishers (Developers)

Publishers can define their own App Monetization Strategy. Using an Appnext SDK makes it possible to have a connection to top app advertisers, closing direct deals, and increasing earning for each promoted app. Appnext provides modern promoting technology that is automatized, access to a growing community of publishers and advertisers and flexibility that allows to adopt company’s solution to needs of each user.

5. Account Help

There’s an on-line form for sending e-mails on official site:
Support Email: [email protected]
FAQ/Knowledge Base URL:

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6. Careers

Appnext is a developing company that constantly creates new working places. Appnext is looking for experienced and talented specialists: managers, analysts, developers etc. The company posts full list of free vacancies on Appnext’s offcial site or Linkedin profile.

7. Editor’s Appnext Review

Appnext is a successful and growing multi-platform that connects publishers and advertisers directly and transparently. Using Appnext mobile app it is possible to get targeted users and consumers in a short time period. It helps developers to overcome a huge problem existing in the $30 billion mobile gaming industry: make client notice games and apps and not to overpay for advertisements. The company works on a fully self-serve basis and enables app advertisers to place CPI bids in the real time.

Appnext platform was founded in 2012 by Elad Natanson. Appnext is supported by a team of 40 experienced entrepreneurs and according to Linkedin profile there 51-200 employees. Company is constantly growing and developing. A headquarter was opened in San Francisco under supervision of a general manager Jason Akel. Tel Aviv hosts the engineering team. Another company’s office is in Beijing. The company is constantly placing new job offers and looking for new bright employees.

Appnext provides its services for publishers, developers, media partners and websites. Publishers can find a wide range of development tools that completely coincide with their needs, including API and SDK.

App advertisers are enabled to place direct bids on specific publisher sources. Thanks to that it is possible to target a user with an ad at low costs and transparently. The Appnext platform operates on a CPI (cost-per-install), RTB basis. That’s why app advertisers can chose the CPI rates according to certain region and publisher. Appnext provides a constant access to up-to-date information on promotion results and processes it also shows statistic with developers’ rates. This helps to monitor the situation, to choose best partners and to change solutions due for gaining better results.

Appnext is available for iOS and Android games and can perform on most major development platforms and frameworks. The official site of the company provides all the necessary information and enables clients to send e-mail with the help of an automatized form. There are also official groups and accounts of Appnext on different social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.

Currently over 30,000 partners have chosen and trust the Appnext Platform. Each month Apentex receives and serves more than12 billion app requests from 380 Million unique users from 180 countries of the world.

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