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1. ayeT-Studios Introduction

Ayet-studios is a relatively young German company. Their first application was Cash Pirate that was launched in 2013. The company offers affordable and able-to-get applications advertising. They focus on small developers, sole and independent ones, to provide a good competition for big players in the market. The system lets the user arrange the advertising the way they wish. Ayet-Studios specialize in promoting and advertising in Play Store, they also develop mobile software and web.

2. ayet-Studios Company Stats

Homepage: https://ayetstudios.com/
Company found in 2014
ayeT-Studios is represented by several official groups and accounts on social sites:
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ayeT-Studios-1727443234143558/
On Twitter: https://twitter.com/ayeTstudios

3. Information for Advertisers

Ayet-Studios offer its users high retention campaigns that oblige those who install an advertiser’s app to keep it on their list for not less than 3 days. This system has a number of benefits such as: incentivized installations receive good retention rates, a developer can use the statistics to see who kept his application longer than 3 days, etc. to use the program no SDK is required. Genuine installations are available at relatively low cost. To create an account is free of charge, additionally the new user has free trial period.

4. Information for Publishers

Each user can choose a suitable Token Package for their app. One package means one installation anywhere in the world. Depending on a target country one installation may cost from 1,1 to 1,15 tokens. The price can be calculated on the website in Pricing Section. The user normally buys the package before cremating a retention campaign, after a purchase it is possible to create an unlimited number of campaigns. There are very attractive terms for Intermediaries whose clients need installations from reliable sources.


5. AyeT-Studios Account Help

Legal address of the company: ayeT-Studios GmbH, Goseriede 1, 30159 Hannover, Germany
Email: [email protected]
Skype: ayet-studios
The website also has a direct message service.

FAQ/Knowledge Base URL: http://ayetstudios.com/pricing

6. Careers at ayeT-Studios

Individual who is willing to work at the company can apply for a desired position from the website directly through their email. Free vacancies are usually in the sections of development, online marketing, and account managing, etc.

7. Editor’s ayeT-Studios Review

AyeT-Studios is a young and developing company. It was established in Germany, in Hannover. The team of the company specializes on promoting and advertising on PlayStore, developing mobile software and webs. Their first application called Cash Pirate was launched in 2013. However, the official founding of the company was conducted in 2014. The same year they started selling directly to advertisers by means of self-service dashboard. Early in 2016 the company started working on developing offers for agencies and marketers who do the reselling.

The company’s goal is to support developers of applications. They offer the developer incentivized installations and, as the result, their apps are installed by real users on a pay-per-install basis.

It is very easy to use the program: interface is simple. Once signed up, the user receives trial downloads that are proceeded automatically.

AyeT-Studios does not involve artificial downloads. During the process of promotion applications are pushed in Play Store to get the higher rankings. It is the application quality that affects the retention rates of these installations. Successful applications that gain over 1.000.000 installs are more likely to have the general retention rate of 20-30 %. However, if the application is in the category Top Free New, one will not be able to rank. The company has about 40% of its traffic in the United States. Another country, which shows good result, is Germany. Traffic in other countries is not that reassuring.

Payments are carried about according to the package the user chooses for apps. The price of one installation may be different in different countries. It is possible to make all calculations at the website.

Once a user faces any difficulties it is possible to contact the Help Center by Instant Message service or sending an email, or contacting the company by Skype. The response rate is quite high. It means that the users receive answers to their questions fast. On the website there is no separate section FAQ. But one can find a FAQ sheet in the section Pricing which answers some of the issues in question.

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