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1. Introduction to CPIMobi

CPIMobi appears to be one of the most recognizable and innovative mobile application ad networks. Although established in 2014, the platform has gained the reputation of a reliable and progressive marketplace highlighting an impressive selection of ad offers for both advertisers and content owners. The network is focused around Google Play letting Android app developers benefit from higher rankings and faster exposure. The platform is developing rapidly introducing 50,000+ content owners that deliver their reputable and trustworthy products. Advertisers may benefit from a range of self-serve campaigns and no SDK requirements.

2. CPIMobi Company Stats

Homepage: https://cpimobi.com
Company is found in 2014
Employee count: 1-10
CPIMobi is represented in social networks:
On LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cpimobi

3.Information for Advertisers

CPIMobi is a relatively your mobile ad network. Nevertheless, it has already established a beneficiary cooperation with thousands of application developers and content owners linking them with some of the most efficient advertisers. The clients’ base includes a selection of leading companies and enterprises, which appear to be the biggest names on Chinese and global markets as well. Merchants will appreciate great ad solutions in addition to 16 billion of monthly advert connections, more than 30 million real monthly downloads and the lowest rates per click.

Advertisers will get a full access to a range of effective tracing tools to provide a successful running of any self-serve campaign. No SDK is required while innovative tracking tools will let you keep in touch with every running campaign and optimize is for maximum efficiency. Both experienced and novice advertisers will never face difficulties when integrating the network with the publisher’s business. Every time you have any questions, customer support will lend you a hand providing the best mobile ad network experience.

4. CPIMobi Account Help

Professional support managers are accessible online round the clock. Do not hesitate to contact them every time you need additional information. Use any of the following methods:
Contact e-mail: [email protected]
FAQ: https://cpimobi.com/faq

5. Careers at CPMobi

CPMobi is a rapidly developing company with a team of dedicated professionals. The company is currently unable to offer any new openings to other candidates. We have a full pack of employees including senior developers, marketers, Client Managers and designers.

6. Editor’s CPIMobi Review

Established only two years ago, CPIMobi has made a name for itself due to its high quality service and customer-oriented approach. Whenever you want to boost your rankings at Google Play and benefit from higher revenues, this platform is a good place to choose. It has a set of benefits for both content owners and merchants looking for efficient campaigns, affordable rates and high quality products provided by the app developers. The company has already reached global recognition having some of the industry’s big names as its returning customers.


  • Patrick

    Being a novice mobile advertiser is a challenge. I did not have the foggiest idea of how to get started. CPIMobi appeared to be rather easy to use and understand. Support managers are rather responsive and helpful.

  • John

    As a CEO of a small development studio that deals mainly with Android apps, I liked the way CPIMobi provides its promotion tools and services. It took me a few weeks to reach top 20 ranking in Asia.

  • Jeremy

    I am a returning CPIMobi customer and have been using its service for a longtime. They have never let me down when it comes to a high-quality traffic.

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