1. Introduction to InMobi

Working globally InMobi is a top company in a sphere of digital marketing and advertising. InMobi promotes products using mobile digital advertising. Using Miip, a digital atomized platform, developers, merchants, advertisers and brands can attract high number of clients globally.  MIT Technology Global Review determined InMobi Company as one of Most Distruptive. InMobi delivers more than 100 billion searching sessions from around billion mobile users.

2.InMobi Company Stats

InMobi was founded in 2007
Employees: 501 – 1 000 according to Linkedin profile
InMoby is represented by several official groups and accounts on social sites:
On Facebook:
On Slideshare:
On Twitter:
On Youtube:
On Linkedin:
On Vimeo:

3. Information for Advertisers

InMobi allows advertisers to promote their apps using specially scheduled ad campaigns. Company has targeting tools that allow to choose most interested users and to show ad to those who are likely interested. Using Miip, what is a discovery digital platform created by InMobi, advertisers can promote their apps and find partners. The advertisements are separated across apps on users’ mobile phones.

4. Information for Publishers (Developers)

Miip platform enables developers to monetize their apps on a global level. Searching platform provided by InMobi is an automatized space for finding apps, clients, partners and consumers. InMobi creates Discovery Zones that helps users to discover content in apps and result into more downloads and converses. Currently there are over 40 000 apps on Miip.


5. Account Help

Main Office: Chulia St., OCBC CenterSingapore, 049513, Singapore
Email: [email protected]
FAQ/Knowledge Base URL: [email protected]

6. Carrers

InMobi separates company’s employees on teams: strategy and operation, design, finance and legal, marketing, product, sales and business development and technology team. InMobi regularly posts information due to opened vacancies on their official site. Moreover, InMobi is ready to welcome those people who believe that they can be a valuable employee for the company.
Also, it is possible to become an intern in InMobi company.
Link to list of vacancies:

7. Editor’s InMobi:

InMobi is among top leading companies in web-marketing and digital advertisement sphere. InMobi is a web-mobile advertising and global discovery platform. InMobi was established in 2007 with head office in Singapore. Currently Inmobi is represented by 17 open offices in many countries with 501-1000 employees according to Linkedin profile (April 2016). InMobi won a noble spot of MIT Technology Global Review’s becoming one of the most disruptive world’s companies in 2013.

InMobi specializes on Global Mobile Advertising, Mobile App Marketing and Monetarisation. It provides discovery digital platform for web consumers that makes advertisement effective and consumer-friendly. Using Miip platform, advertisers, developers, brands and merchants can reach mobile users in any world’s country. It also provides effective installs and more count of people across 40.000 apps.

Advertisers can get effective in-app ads that are scheduled and targeted due to non-personal data of most valuable users. It’s also possible to find not only clients but partners using platform and to get access to statistic data.

Publishers can easily monetize their apps using several tool offered by InMobi and findind clients and partners within platform. Levarage Miip allows users to check and to try app before downloading what increases number of downloads and provide more positive feedback and rating.

InMobi provide constant informational support to its users. Having offices in many countries like: the USA, Great Britain, Japan, China, U.A.E., France, Australia, India, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore InMobi provides a strong connection with users around the world. Company also provides contact information that is necessary for support and feedback such as post and official addresses and e-mail.

FAQ section that is presented on the official site allows to get acquainted with most frequent questions before getting involved. The company provides 24/7 support for their publishers.
InMobi  is presented in several social sites, like: Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Linkedin, Slideshares and Youtube.

Also InMobi is opened for new employee’s offers. It’s possible to contact HR department by sending a message from the site. The company’s site is also a place for publishing new job offers. InMobi provides a possibility to become an intern in the company and to feel part of a team while getting valuable experience.

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