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The name of the company Kimia comes from the Arabic Al-Kimia which relates to the conception of melting the metal into gold. It is a fast growing mobile monetizing company that focuses on entertaining services. Kimia team is hundred professional developers that came from different parts of the word. The core staff is located in Spain and the offices in India and China.


Founded: 2006
Number of employees: 51 – 200
Twitter profile:
LinkedIn profile:

Information for Advertisers

• Application publisher

We do our best to bring our customers as many users as possible. We use our in-depth knowledge of mobile application spreading.

• Mobile service provider

Kimia cooperates with top-class affiliates to bring customers the high-quality products. The company segments the traffic. We use CPA, CPL, CPM and other options to develop your business.

• Exceptionally top technologies

All users can control the statistics using the online dashboard.

• Quantity

We offer a wide choice of ad formats and traffic sources.

• Supportive account managers

Every customer will get a quality technical support and will be able to view the list of top advertisers every day.

Information for Publishers (Developers)

• Global campaign comprehension

Kimia monetizes all traffic segments. We cooperate with more than a thousand of active advertisers all over the globe. You can rely on the unlimited budget when cooperating with us.

• SEO-safe performance

Kimia provides a banner, pop-under, and redirect; therefore, there is no need to create a mobile optimized website.

• eCPM benefits

The company offers a competitive bidding system and the unlimited budget for advertising campaigns.

Editor’s Kimia Review

Kimia is a progressive company that deals with a mobile marketing and eCPM productivity. The company cooperates with top publishers and provides world class technologies. The dedicated team of professionals from Asia, Middle East, and Europe creates original solutions to help the clients reach their goals and attract the audience.

The company has a great experience in affiliate marketing industry. Kimia was a reliable business partner for more than 3000 customers all over the universe during the last 10 years; therefore, they know how to attract a crowd of users that will be interested in your mobile app.

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