Matomy Media Group

1. Introduction to Matomy

Matomy Media Group is taking a leading place among companies in a sphere of marketing and advertisement. Work of company is based on digital performance. Matomy offers a multi-channel getaway to internet media, digital social and mobile platforms. Main mission of the company is supplying their customers with up-to-date unmatched results. Among clients of the company there are advertisers alongside with publishers (media partners).

2. Matomy Company Stats

Company found in 2007
Employee count: 4 000 as of April, 2016 according to official site.
Matomy is represented by several official groups and accounts on social sites:
On Facebook:
On Google+:
On Twitter:
On Youtube:
On Linkedin:

3.Information for Advertisers

Matomy offers a single getaway to internet and mobile platforms all over the world. It works with eight platforms and provides a reach to great number of users and customers. The company offers four performance solutions that are aimed to serve different needs of clients.

4. Information for Publishers (Developers)

Developers are provided with a single getaway to monetarization in numerous channel. It reaches both mobile and digital platforms. Currently Matomy offers 3 monetization solutions for several professional needs: media-managing, trading and self-served marketplace using.

5. Account Help

Matomy Media Group is represented in several countries in different parts of the world.

Israel: Tel Aviv, 6 HanechoshetSt, Tel Aviv 6971070, Israel
Phone Number: +972 77 360 6060

Great Britain: London, 20 Bedford Sq. STE 11, London WC1B 3 HH, England
Phone Number: +44 203 205 0473

Germany: Munich, Liebherrstr. 22, Munich 80538, Germany
Phone Number: +49 89 416 146010

Austria: Vienna, Beethovengasse 8/10? 1090 Vienna, Austria

The USA:
New York: New York 77 Water St. 12 TH FL., New York, NY, 10005 USA
Phone Number: +1 646 442 1574
San Francisco: 300 Brannan St. Suite 501, San Francisco CA, 94107 USA
Phone Number: +1 415 655 9391
Fort Launderdale: Fort Launderdale150 S Pine Island, Rd. #500, Fort Launderdale, FL 33324 USA
Phone Number: +1 954 577 3033
Denver: Denver2000 S. Colorado, TWR 1 #700, Denver, CO 80222USA
Phone number: +1 303 985 2700

Canada: Toronto, 3100 Steeles E., #402 Toronto, L3R 8T3 Canada

Mexico: Mexico City, Julio Verne 56-1, Mexico City, DF 11550Mexico
Phone Number: +52 552 973 2207

Site page for sending Email:
FAQ/Knowledge Base URL:


6. Careers

Matomy Media Group works globally and involves employees from several countries. The company is in a constant process of developing and is inviting specialists from many parts of the world to join the team. Company offers standard working conditions, professional courses and carrier development. It constantly posts new job offers on their official site and Linkedin profile.

7. Editor’s Matomy

Matomy Media Group is a successful digital company that specializes on advertisement and marketing. It was established in 2007. Currently company has 9 offices to reach their customers globaly. The company is represented in several countries, including the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Austria, Germany and Mexico. Company has around 4 000 employees and several open vacancies all over the world. Matomy Media Group works with around 5 000 active customers and is involved in more than 18 000 live campaigns.

Matomy offers a single getaway that reaches mobile, internet and social platform across many channels. This allows creating a comfortable base for development of business. Matomy Media Group provides services both to advertisers and to media partners.

Advertisers can reach their potential clients and users using eight media channels through Matomy’s performance platform. Matomy offers 4 performance solutions for advertisers: basic performance, premium, agency and media buying solutions. Each performance is tailored for different types of companies due to business type, aim and needs of a client. Matomy Media Group possess itself not only as an expert in advertisement and marketing spheres but also in several main spheres of their clients that allows Matomy to develop better understanding of clients’ needs and requirements.

The company also offers 3 monetization solutions for media partners and developers: managed media, trading and market place solutions. Matomy Media Group can replace several possible partners providing wider access to monetization all over mobile and web platforms. Matomy works on making ad planning smarter and providing more precise targeting. It also offers individually tailored plan of development for each client. The company provides 24/7 support for their publishers.

Matomy Media Group is presented in several social sites, like: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Youtube, it also has its own blog that provide an opportunity to get well acquainted with policy, news and field of the company. Company’s official site allows clients to send e-mail through its automatized form that helps to direct questions to a proper department due to geographical position, type of client and issue of an e-mail that allows getting answers in a shorter time. Company created a page with frequently asked questions that replay around 20 important issues.

Matomy also creates new working places to qualified employees in several countries of the world. Among main benefits that come alongside with working for Matomy there are: professional courses, personal development and strong welcoming corporative culture.

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