Mobusi Ad Network and Agency Tools

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1. Introduction to Mobusi

Mobusi is a successful Mobile Advertising agency created in 2012. Currently the agency is working with more than 20.000 publishing partners and 5.000 advertisers mostly from Europe and South America. Mobusi is one of the top mobile advertising agency. The policy of Mobusi is about creating business around mobile traffic. Mobusi can guarantee high quality of traffic to web ad campaigns and complete support for its users 24/7 by an account manager.

2. Mobusi

The agency was found in 2012
Employee count: 51-200 according to Linkedin profile
Mobusi is represented by several official groups and accounts on social sites:
On Facebook:
On Twitter:
On Linkedin:

3. Information for Advertisers

Advertisers can use Mobusi agency for promoting their apps in a certain country or globally due to their needs. Mobusi results in more than 7 million sales per month. The platform created by Mobusi allows to reach around 20 000 publishing partners.

4. Information for Publishers (Developers)

Mobusi provides exact targeting tools that are aimed on faster and effective reach to those users who are more likely to consume. The agency also opens an unlimited access to possible clients and partners within 20 000 publishers and 5 000 advertisers most of them are situated in Europe and South America.

5. Account Help

Mobusi Mobile Advertising is represented by following address:

Mexico: Jules Verne street number 56 1 Floor, Colonia Polanco Chapultepec, 11560 Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico DF. (Mexico).
Phone Number: +34 911 61 01 16

Spain: C / Quintana # 2, floor 2 door 1, 28008, Madrid (Spain).
Phone Number: +34 911 61 01 16

Site page for sending Email: [email protected]


6. Careers

Mobusi is a developing company that creates working places. They are inviting specialist to work together mostly for offices in Spain and Mexico. Mobusi regularly post information due to opened vacancies on social sites like: Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

7. Editor’s Mobusi

Mobusi Mobile Advertising is a global digital agency for mobile promotion, advertisement and monetization. The company works with mobile traffic and provides a web-platform both for advertisers and developers.

Company was found in 2012 and currently is one of the most successful companies in the field. The company has offices in Spain (Madrid) and Mexico (Mexico). Mobusi Mobile Advertising has more than 20.000 publishing partners and 5.000 advertisers and this count is constantly growing. Mobusi is a highly-competitive company. Due to statistic data on March 2016 the company gained 3.089.670.356 mobile clicks and 7.876.273 sales. Company is connected to 247 active geolocations, this helps to secure proper traffic all over the world and guarantees keeping it on a high level.

According to the survey of AppsFlyer (mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform) , which analyzed count installed apps and public retention between October 15th, 2015, and January 15th, 2016, Mobusi Mobile Advertising reached 2.5 billion installs. The company placed 7th in the Top 14 Power Ranking in LATAM, a figure that ranks networks based on their retention score and the total number of installs generated. Mobusi plans to extend its platform and partnership with publishers and webmasters.

The company works both with advertisers and developers providing a space and opportunity for effective collaboration. Currently Mobusi allows to access to around 20 000 publishers/developers and over 5 000 advertisers. Targeting tools are aimed to find both most appropriate partners and most valuable web users. It allows getting unmatched eCPMs fast and easily.

The company provides 24/7 support for their publishers and advertisers. Mobusi Mobile Advertising has official pages in a social-media: twitter, facebook and linkedin. Also it has its own blog with the latest news and planned beta-tests etc.

Mobusi Advertising Agency is in a constant process of developing and creating new working places for talented specialists in digital, technical, analytics and managing spheres. The company publishes job offers mostly on social sites accounts and pages. Mobusi invites people all over the world to work in their offices in Mexico and Spain.

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