1. Introduction to StartApp

StartApp was created as a digital atomized mobile advertising platform aimed to generate and provide effective web solutions for mobile customers globally. Today it helps its publishers as well asadvertisers with monetizing, distribution and advertising of apps and mobile websites. SODA, digital social informational platform of StartApp allows partners to see the needs of their users for optimization and successful execution of their existing strategies for promotion on monetization.

2. StartApp Company Stats

Company founded in 2010.
The number of employees: 51-200 as of April 2016 according to Linkedin profile.
StartApp is represented by several official groups and accounts on social sites and platforms:
On Facebook:
On Google+:
On Twitter:
On LinkedIn:

3. Information for Advertisers

StartApp helps to determine those users who are interested in each certain product. Programmatis targeting of StartApp’s company has a smart data and unique creative options that helps to target advertisement on most valuable web-users.

4. Information for Publishers (Developers)

StartApp offers mobile publishers refined monetization solutions that enable them to earn competitive hight eCPMs. Various account settings are available for maximization publishers’ revenue. Among company tools there are: Unity, Marmalade, Cordova, IOS and Android.

5. Account Help

There are company’s offices in several countries:

The USA, NY: The StartApp HQ – NYC, 584 Broadway, NY 10012.
Phone number: +1 212-600-8221

Russia, Moscow: 41 Kashyrskoe Shosse
Phone number: +7(495)506-61-06
Email: [email protected]

Israel: Sderot Giborei Israel 5, Netanya,
Phone number: +972 72-228-8370
Site page for messages and feedback:
Email: [email protected]
User’s Support: [email protected]
FAQ/Knowledge Base URL:


6. Careers

StartApp is a developing team that hires new specialists. Except standard package that can vary due to country of work. The company provides meals, organizes trips and allows its employees to buy shares.
StartApp publishes information on its vacancies on official site

7. Editor’s StartApp Review

StartApp is a mobile platform for product promotion and app monetization, which was created in 2010. At the moment StartApp is involved in two principal spheres of the advertisement and mobile industry, such as the monetization challenge which arises when application developers try to get high revenue out of their free mobile applications, and their distribution. The company works with around 100,000 apps. StartApp can offer its clients around 6 billion ad views during a month only.

The company has 9 offices in such cities as Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Moscow, Shanghai, San Paolo, Beijing and Stockholm with main office situated in New York. StartApp was found by Gil Dudkiewicz and his business and idea partner Ran Avidan.

The company deals with some globally popular apps. StartApp supplies best traffic for its customers. StartApp’s traffic base is constantly developing. The company uses Geo Coverage that is about having traffic from many geographical points and hires employees from different continents and countries who are familiar with the local markets and specifics; this helps to provide equally high standard of service globally.

StartApp is a developing company that invites experienced specialists. It constantly posts information on new vacancies on main site.

StartApp provides a constant informational support and communications to its current and possible users and partners. The company’s official site has forms for feedback and e-mails. There is also a special Help Center with Publisher Portal, Advertising Portal and Integrations. Company created a page with frequently asked questions. StartApp provides live 24/7 technical and informational support for their clients. The company is also represented by official groups and pages in a few social sites, like: Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin. In addition, there is a company’s blog where it’s possible to read news, advice, informational articles etc.

Publishers can chose from a several main options such as integration solutions, account support and programmatic.

Advertisers can use self-serve platform, which is a quick, easy, and budget-friendly way for instantly launching and managing of mobile campaigns. For managing special mobile campaigns, there is an account manager for each users.

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