Supersonic Mobile Advertising Network and its Campaigns

1. Introduction to Supersonic

Supersonic is an all-in-one place for developers of mobile applications to promote their products. They provide the service that helps to build up their income and find the right audience for their apps. The company offers to their clients a full range of advertising tools, their networks includes more than 500 million users. Supersonic works both with publishers with big names, as well as small individual developers. Supersonic self-service platform allows monetizing and promoting mobile apps and gives complete control over campaigns to advertisers and developers.

2. Supersonic Company Stats

Company is found in 2009
Employee count: over 200 employees worldwide as of April, 2016 according to official site.
Supersonic is represented in social networks:
On Facebook:
On Twitter:
On LinkedIn:

3.Information for Advertisers

Supersonic offers their users to control the process of getting the audience: set the target according to gender, age, location, interests, etc. The company claims to spread the application among reliable publishers; and that via downloads the apps receives quality users.

4. Information for Publishers (Developers)

The service of the Supersonic offers a range of measures to make the maximal revenues for publishers. They have one SDK for all types of activities: mobile videos (allows engaging users with high quality videos from top brands), interstitial advertisements (appear full-screen during natural breaks in the app), mediation (allows to integrate with a large number of companies, optimize the activity, to control the advertisements in the application) and offer wall (allows to make offers and monetize the users who do not pay).

5. Supersonic Account Help

Headquarters address: 17 Bluxome Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States.
Tel: +1 650 825 6010
Detailed Contact support page:
FAQ/Knowledge base URL:


6. Careers at Supersonic

The company offers a wide range of bonuses and benefits for their employees. They need developers in different areas, managers, coordinators and several other specialists. The full list of open positions is presented on the website where information is constantly renewed –

7. Editor’s Supersonic Review

Supersonic is an American service to promote and monetize mobile applications. It is considered to be one of the leading advertising platforms. Using these service developers can expand their business, find users for their applications and earn. The company was founded 7 years ago, in 2009, and nowadays over 200 professionals work for it in many places in the world.

Their headquarters are based in San Francisco, the United Stated of America. Several other representative efficacies are scattered around the globe: London, Beijing, Moscow and Tel Aviv. For the years of experience they have arranged work with top developers such as uCool, Pretty Simple, Firemint, etc. Among their clients there are famous names like Adidas, Sony Pictures, Intel, Honda, Fanta, My M and M’s and many others.
Supersonic offers for their users to get complete control over engagement of the right audience – they are given and option to set such criteria as age, gender, location, interests. The apps are advertised among trustworthy publishers, and receive users through downloads.

Supersonic also provide an opportunity to advertise an app. This can be done via mobile videos, interstitial advertisements, mediation and offer wall.

Supersonic is providing informational support to advertisers and developers, support team can be contacted via e-mail. The company is also represented on several social sites where it’s possible to send messages to Supersonic team members.

Supersonic is growing and developing. This is evidenced by their desire to hire more and more specialist in the sphere. To check their open positions and where the people are needed is possible seeing the list on the website.

Supersonic can be recommended as a platform for boosting business, promoting product and getting revenues.

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