Trailpay Promotions Platform and its Methods

1. Introduction to TrialPay

TrailPay is a unique payments platform which allows its users to buy one thing but to test another one in addition. TrialPay appreciates each transaction. Joining this company a great number of customers can deal with well-known brands as an alternative method of payment using hundreds of applications. Becoming a part of Visa in 2015, TrialPay doesn’t stop to involve innovative ideas into the market of commerce and makes the gap between online behavior and in-store transactions disappear. Placing a premium on collaboration, Trialpay has confidence of market leaders to assist in increasing sales, allegiance and interaction.

2. TrialPay Company Stats

Startup founded: February 9, 2006
Employee count: 51-200 people from all over the world, according to LinkedIn

3. Information for Advertisers

TrialPay makes it easier to attract new and to keep present clients with premium internet, mobile and Facebook publishers. Various devices help to choose the right audience and maximize ROI. The company makes it possible to get quality promotion and to pay only for performance with action-based pricing. Company offers to locate videos in apps and games that help to attract more consumers. A patented technology of TrialPay rewards customers for daily shopping.

4. Information for Publishers (Developers)

TrialPay presents an Offer Gallery that allows users to find the item the need and complete offers. TrialPay developed category layout and special card-linked offers for company’s clients. The company also provides an option to make advertisements look attractive, developers can change the design and check it. TrialPay also makes it possible to use premium coupons and deals that are aimed to stimulate users to purchase and download, it also helps to make clients return for another purchase. The company’s interstitial placements allow engaging users at key moments without giving up real estate for content.


5. Account Help

800 California Street #300 Mountain View, CA 94041 USA
Knowledge Base URL:
Customer support:


TrialPay is a rapidly changing startup with stable reputation gives a possibility to become a part of the team for young and experienced specialist. The company posts information due to their current vacancies on their site:

7. Editor’s TrialPay Review

TrialPay is a digital company that works in internet marketing and promoting sphere. The company was found in 2009 by Alex Rampell, Terry Angelos and Eddie Lim. In 2015 the company became a part of Visa company. Currently company has a head office situated in the USA and 51-200 employees according to company’s Linkedin profile (April, 2016). TrialPay Is one of most popular and comfortable advertisement platforms. TrialPay also presents a new kind of world payment systems what is original because of the entrusted relationship between it and consumers of its products. It lets clients use a new product for free while buying or testing another one. This special proposition is called “Get It Free” and becomes active after the client has paid for the item by the advertiser. TrialPay is a relationship-oriented company which works in the domain of different online services, software products, social applications, ordinary games and retail commerce.

TrialPay offers premium conditions for keeping and attracting users. It helps to create individual and user-friendly ads design and to use special offers for web-users and purchasers. It also attracts users with a free period for usage and downloads. TrialPay support video advertisement. They also replace banner ads with build-in apps placements that, due to TrialPay’s statistics, bring more results and work more effectively.

The company secures informational and technical support for its users providing contact address and an opportunity to send e-mails using a built-in form on official site. The company also has a FAQ section on official site and is represented by pages and groups on several main social sites.

TrialPay invites experienced specialist to join their team. The company post information due to new vacancies on official site page and in Linkedin profile.

TrialPay payment platform is comfortable for online buyers with barter trade proposals as a way of payment for services or goods. It’s possible to get TrialPay new offers for free after buying a unit of TrialPay range or to sing up for a trial.

Becoming a part of Visa in 2015, TrialPay still stays a startup with its simple and easy-going image but at the same time it is becoming a serious world brand. Being a part of Visa also means that any Visa user or any company that accepts Visa will be influenced by its goods, products and services all over the world.

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