Mobile Performance Marketing to Consider

1. Introduction to Yeahmobi

Yeahmobi is a mobile advertising platform. Mission of the company is to help other companies that develop mobile technology to promote their products globally and to get wider reach to world’s society. Yeahmobi is a brand of eClick Worldwide Network Technology Co., Ltd that has main office in China and is also represented in Japan, USA and Germany. The company operates in several fields including: internet finance, cross-border internet commerce, apps, mobile games, lifestyle etc. Currently company is covering around 200 countries. Yeahmobi also delivers a global covering.

2. Yeahmobi Company Stats

Company found in 2011.
Employee count: 201-500 as of April, 2016 according to Linkedin
Official pages and accounts on social sites:
On Facebook:
On Twitter:
On Linkedin:

3. Information for Advertisers

Yeahmobi offers an in-app crafts placement that is displayed to engaged users. Special programmatic optimization helps to aim placement on those users who are more likely to converse. Ad format is designed in a way to attract users and to cause positive attitude of consumers. Yeahmobi covering is spread world-wide due to co-work with numerous developers in most countries. This helps to provide direct in app and mobile web-traffic. Yeahmobi also provides tool for collecting and analyzing data on campaign efficiency.

Yeahmobi Social and Search allows to access main social platforms of local and global meaning like: Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Google and Yandex. Yeahmobi social marketing specialists create customer-tailored promotional campaign to reach more users and possible consumers.

4. Information for Publishers (Developers)

Yeahmobi offers a personalized service for developers, providing an opportunity to monetize inventories. In order to receive maximized eCPM Yeahmobi uses automated optimization algorithm.

5. Account Help

Company has 4 offices in different countries:
China Office (Xi’an): 6F, West Tower, Western International Plaza, 2 Gaoxin Rd., Gaoxin District, Xi’an, China
Email: [email protected]

US Office: 650 Castro St., Suite #120-210, Mountain View, CA 94041
Email: [email protected]

Berlin Office: Kastanienallee 42, 10119 Berlin, Germany
Phone number: +49 30 2234 8019
Email: [email protected]

Tokyo Office: ?????? ?????2-55-7 ??????????? 7~9?
Email: [email protected]

FAQ/Knowledge Base URL:

app install

6. Careers

Yeahmobi is always looking for talented and experienced specialist to join the team. Current vacancies are usually posted on official sites and in Linkedin profile. Yeahmobi offers competitive remuneration package, opportunity for personal and career development, experience of a close work with decision makers and influencing the direction of the company.
Information on careers is available on company’s official site

7. Editor’s Yeahmobi Review

Yeahmobi is a successful platform for mobile marketing that is taking one of the leading places in the niche. It was established in China, in 2011 and is actually a brand of eClick Worldwide Network Technology Co., Ltd. It also has official representative offices in the USA (Mountain View), Germany (Berlin) and Japan (Tokyo). Yeahmobi is among pioneers of mobile marketing and currently hires around 400 employees in different countries. It has also established partnership with many organization of local and global meaning that allows maintaining world-wide covering with a high rate.

Yeahmobi provide its services both to advertisers and to developers. Offering its marketing programs all over the world. Yeahmobi also works with main social sites providing an extra space for advertisement. The company hires a group of social media specialist and creative team that provide proper strategy, content and mechanism for promotion.

Yeahmobi developed several offers for advertisers such as: Native Ads, Performance Marketing Network, Social and Search and Media Buying. Native ads help to reach more potential users by adding in-app placements that are specially crafted and individually designed. Programmatic optimization helps to reach potential users effectively and to increase number of conversions. Performance Marketing Network is created to satisfy main needs of advertisers providing direct in-app and mobile traffic with the help of local and global partners and publishers. Social and Search is a key to main social platform where media promotional campaign can be successfully launched. Media Buying provides an executing of an individual media plan that is created due to advertiser’s needs and aims. Yeahmobi media buying team works with advertiser’s fixed CPI rate.

Being a popular marketing platform Yeahmobi supports several thousands active campaigns in more than 180 countries. Company encourages developer to start their way with Yeahmobi providing real-time efficiency tracking and reporting.

Being represented in several countries the Company provide contact information for each office separately that allows users to choose an office that is more comfortable to work with, Company also provide informative support on social sites with an opportunity to contact company or to leave message for it there. Official site has a page with FAQ and a form for contact by sending an e-mail.

Yeahmobi invites experienced and enthusiastic specialist to become a part of their team. Some specific vacancies are constantly posted on Linkedin and official site of the company.

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